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Energetic Alchemy Sessions

The What's of Channeling

What is a Channeling Session?

A channeling session is unique to each individual I come into contact with as I am able to receive messages from their higherself, guidance team, angelic realms, ancestral, and cosmic families. Each message contains specialized information to enhance or guide the requesting person’s journey. I am not a psychic and do not predict the future but rather provide knowledge from the universal realms that you might need at that specific time. Due to the individualized nature of each channelling session, I cannot predict where each session will head, but what I can tell you is that we were destined to meet and for you to receive the message.

What to expect?

The session will start with a brief conversation about the guidance you are seeking. A session will include channelled messages from your higherself, guidance team, angelic realms, ancestral, and cosmic families. The session may also include energy clearing and/or healing via light language that is spoken or hand gestured. It is important to note, when I am channelling information that the inflection or tone of my voice may change in order to pass the information to you. Often, messages can be channelled in combination of light language and everyday language. I only provide the information as it is given to me, which means it may not be the information that you wanted to receive but rather what your “team” wants you to hear or a bit of both! Lastly, a session may include intuitive guidance determined by the information channelled during our session.

What do you do to prepare?

I ask that you determine ahead of the session what guidance you are seeking.

What if you are unsure about a session?

Please contact me with any questions that you may have regarding a channeling session.

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