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About Us

Hello and welcome! My name is Aaron and I am a licensed mental health practitioner who was smacked with this journey of light while being a mother and working full-time. I have been on this journey what feels like my entire life, but it was not until several years ago when everything abruptly changed for me and I began to understand where this road is taking me.

I am a channeling alchemist who works with the angelic realms, ancestral and cosmic families. I am able to tune in and channel messages from your spiritual team to activate your journey to self-discovery and provide guidance to individuals who are already on their spiritual path. I also speak a variety of light languages that I utilize to connect with your soul to help heal emotional and physical energies, connect to your purpose, and access your own innate wisdom.

I am here to support others on their path of ascension and provide guidance when called upon. If you are so called please feel free to access my light language transmission via my podcast with Steve Nobel: Atlantean Light Language.

In much light and love,