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About Transmutation of Light

Hello and welcome! My name is Aaron and I am a galactic alchemist who transmutes frequencies that are no longer serving our highest and greatest potential. I am connected to many Galactic Star races, the Council of Light, Angelic Realms, and Elementals. I am here to support all individuals on their journey through their healing process which enhances the gateway to unconditional love. 

I utilize intuitive guidance, channeling, and light language to increase one’s vibrational frequency to support them on their individual journey and accessing their own inner potential. I use light language to commune with your soul directly to assist in awakening and enhancing one’s light body connection to travel on the roads less traveled that ignite the heart space to seek a deeper understanding of themselves and their connection to universal consciousness.

Light Language is vibrational expression that speaks directly to our multidimensional soul and  is received   through our heart and DNA. It is meant to bypass our egocentric mind and enter a place of trust and surrender to allow for a multilayered healing to occur.

I am here to support others on their path of ascension and provide guidance when called upon. If you are so called please feel free to access my light language transmission via my podcast with Steve Nobel: Atlantean Light Language.

In much light and love,